Oil / Water Separator (Owamat)Oil/Water separator to handle condensate discharged from compressed air systems.

Legally, condensate from compressed air systems must be treated as hazardous waste and disposal costs associated with this are high. However, if the condensate is treated, then the water part can be discharged into the drainage system and then only the oil part needs to be disposed of correctly.

The OWAMAT Oil/Water Separator satisfies the legal requirements.

Standard Equipment:

Pressure relief chamber

Dirt Trap

Activated Carbon Filter

Sampling valve to check condition of filter

The Owamat should be selected according to capacity from the table.

Figures shown are maximum compressor station capacity based on a screw compressor using VDL or VCL oil. See data sheet for information on other types of oil and compressor. Please refer to the data sheet for the oil in your compressor to find out what type it is.

Available on request:

Unit with thermostatically controlled heater

Unit to handle larger capacity

Bekosplit emulsion splitting plant

Super filter set for Owamat 1,2,4,5R,6,8 (which includes filtermat/cap)

102.4 m3/min1.9 m3/min
114.9 m3/min3.8 m3/min
127.3 m3/min5.6 m3/min
1414.6 m3/min11.3 m3/min
1529.3 m3/min22.5 m3/min
1658.5 m3/min45.0 m3/min

Oil/Water Separator

Owamat 10S1-219016£397.80Buy Now
Owamat 11S1-219028£653.24Buy Now
Owamat 12S1-219017£1,193.40Buy Now
Owamat 14S1-219018£1,494.08Buy Now
Owamat 15S1-219019£2,095.44Buy Now
Owamat 16S1-219020£2,921.64Buy Now

Replacement Filter Elements

Owamat 1 & 2S1-209188£99.78Buy Now
Owamat 3S1-209123£158.32Buy Now
Owamat 4S1-209356£175.62Buy Now
Owamat 5S1-209124£352.57Buy Now
Owamat 5RS1-209359£212.87Buy Now
Owamat 6S1-209357£365.87Buy Now
Owamat 8S1-219027£910.02Buy Now
Owamat 10S1-219011£105.10Buy Now
Owamat 11S1-219029£134.37Buy Now
Owamat 12S1-219012£168.97Buy Now
Owamat 14S1-219013£232.83Buy Now
Owamat 15S1-219014£372.52Buy Now
Owamat 16S1-219015£637.28Buy Now
Owamat 20S1-209175£691.83Buy Now