Air Filter - Centriflex SF - 3umHigh efficiency oil removal filter from Hankison for coalescing fine water and oil aerosols. Removes solid particles to 0.01 micron (less than or equal to 0.01mg/m3 remaining oil content). Features corrosion resistant inner and outer cores.

This filter is designed to be used in the following situations:

Upstream of dessicant or membrane dryers.

Downstream of refrigerated dryers.

Downstream of pressure-swing dessicant dryers for fine particulate removal.

At point-of-use (may be used if light liquid load is present).

Features Two Stage Filtration as follows:

First Stage – Multiple layers of fibre media and media screen remove larger particles, pre-filtering the air for the second stage.

Second Stage – Multiple layers of bonded, blended fibre media for fine coalescence with an outer coated closed cell foam sleeve.

These filters conform to ISO Quality Standard 8573-1:1995. Please refer to the attached data sheet for a full explanation.

To find the maximum flow at pressures other than 7 bar, please consult the pressure correction table at the end of the attached datasheet.

All filters are supplied with a differential pressure gauge. Automatic drains are included up to F17-B-HF only.

Filters are available with connection sizes of 1/4″ BSP to 3″ BSP and DN 80 to DN 150 flange.

Element(s) are included with the filter. Larger filters require more than one element.

To order spare elements please use the link below and the part number and qty shown. For example: HF-04 x 1 means 1 off element part number HF-04 is required for this filter.

A modular connection kit for joining two filters and a wall mounting bracket can be ordered separately.

NGF Series

ConnCapacity (m3/min) Element x qtyModelOrder CodePrice
1/4"0.56HF-02 x 1F02-B-HFS1-209543£183.31Buy Now
3/8"0.97HF-03 x 1F03-B-HFS1-209544£213.56Buy Now
1/2"1.41HF-04 x 1F04-B-HFS1-209545£259.83Buy Now
3/4"2.11HF-06 x 1F06-B-HFS1-209546£317.67Buy Now
3/4"2.91HF-07 x 1F07-B-HFS1-209547£365.73Buy Now
1"4.45HF-08 x 1F08-B-HFS1-209548£444.92Buy Now
1 1/2"7.28HF-10 x 1F10-B-HFS1-209549£612.20Buy Now
1 1/2"10.20HF-11 x 1F11-B-HFS1-209550£684.27Buy Now
2"11.35HF-12 x 1F12-B-HFS1-209551£811.52Buy Now
2 1/2"21.95HF-14 x 1F14-B-HFS1-209552£1,486.91Buy Now
2 1/2"29.16HF-15 x 1F15-B-HFS1-209553£1,878.43Buy Now
3"33.98HF-16 x 1F16-B-HFS1-209554£2,390.98Buy Now
3"42.48HF-17 x 1F17-B-HFS1-209555£2,904.41Buy Now

HF Series

ConnCapacity (m3/min) Element x qtyModelOrder CodePrice
DN 8031.44E-5-PV x1HF5-52S1-219217£1,998.56Buy Now
DN 8048.16E-5-54 x2HF5-54S1-219218£2,325.13Buy Now
DN 8060.20E-5-PV x2HF5-56S1-219219£2,642.80Buy Now
DN 10089.46E-5-PV x3HF5-60S1-219220£3,673.75Buy Now
DN 100120.40E-5-PV x4HF5-64S1-219221£4,853.13Buy Now
DN 100150.42E-5-PV x5HF5-68S1-219222£5,206.39Buy Now
DN 150240.51E-5-PV x8HF5-72S1-219223£6,434.37Buy Now
DN 150330.59E-5-PV x11HF5-76S1-219224£7,907.93Buy Now
DN 150420.68E-5-PV x14HF5-80S1-219225£10,565.85Buy Now