Air Filter - Centriflex SF - 3umSeparator/Filter for bulk liquid removal from Hankison. Features a 3 micron coalescing filter. Removes water and aerosols up to 5.0mg/m3.

This separator/filter is designed to be used down stream of aftercoolers or at the point-of-use if no aftercooler/seperator is used upstream (heavily contaminated air).

Features Two Stage Filtration as follows:

First Stage – two stainless steel orifice tubes provide 10 micron mechanical separation.

Second Stage – in-depth fibre media captures solid and liquid particles up to 3 microns.

These filters conform to ISO Quality Standard 8573.1 Quality Class – Solids: Class 3, Oil Content: Class 5. Please refer to the attached data sheet for a full explanation.

To find the maximum flow at pressures other than 7 bar, please consult the pressure correction table at the end of the attached datasheet.

All filters are supplied with a differential pressure gauge. Automatic drains are included up to F17-B-SF only.

Filters are available with connection sizes of 1/4″ BSP to 3″ BSP and DN 80 to DN 150 flange.

Element(s) is are included with the filter.

A modular connection kit for joining two filters and a wall mounting bracket can be ordered separately.

NGF Series

ConnCapacity (m3/min) Element x qtyModelOrder CodePrice
1/4"0.56SF-02 x 1F02-B-SFS1-209491£183.31Buy Now
3/8"0.97SF-03 x 1F03-B-SFS1-209492£213.56Buy Now
1/2"1.41SF-04 x 1F04-B-SFS1-209493£259.83Buy Now
3/4"2.11SF-06 x 1F06-B-SFS1-209494£317.67Buy Now
3/4"2.91SF-07 x 1F07-B-SFS1-209495£365.73Buy Now
1"4.45SF-08 x 1F08-B-SFS1-209496£444.92Buy Now
1 1/2"7.28SF-10 x 1F10-B-SFS1-209497£612.20Buy Now
1 1/2"10.20SF-11 x 1F11-B-SFS1-209498£684.27Buy Now
2"11.35SF-12 x 1F12-B-SFS1-209499£811.52Buy Now
2 1/2"21.95SF-14 x 1F14-B-SFS1-209500£1,486.91Buy Now
2 1/2"29.16SF-15 x 1F15-B-SFS1-209501£1,878.43Buy Now
3"33.98SF-16 x 1F16-B-SFS1-209502£2,390.98Buy Now
3"42.48SF-17 x 1F17-B-SFS1-209503£7,104.41Buy Now

HF Series

ConnCapacity (m3/min) Element x qtyModelOrder CodePrice
DN 8031.44E-9-PV x1HF9-52S1-219160£1,998.56Buy Now
DN 8048.16E-9-54 x2HF9-54S1-219161£2,325.13Buy Now
DN 8060.20E-9-PV x2HF9-56S1-219162£2,642.80Buy Now
DN 10089.46E-9-PV x3HF9-60S1-219163£3,652.75Buy Now
DN 100120.40E-9-PV x4HF9-64S1-219164£4,853.13Buy Now
DN 100150.42E-9-PV x5HF9-68S1-219165£5,206.39Buy Now
DN 150240.51E-9-PV x8HF9-72S1-219166£6,528.87Buy Now
DN 150330.59E-9-PV x11HF9-76S1-219167£7,907.93Buy Now
DN 150420.68E-9-PV x14HF9-80S1-219168£10,565.85Buy Now